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Data-driven matches to allow you to compare a range of rates from insurers that come with our seal of approval.

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Licensed Insurance professionals, not salespeople. We work with are compensated not on commissions, but on their service.

The Process

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After starting your quote, you’ll be walked through the entire process by a dedicated agent. The quotes will be lined up for you, letting you compare apples to apples and show you exactly what you’re buying.

We make this process simple, fast and reliable

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We’ve spent over 30 years working in professional liability, and our experience has shown us that there is never such thing as a “conventional model” service. What is defined as being the standard is changing all the time; whether by profession, project, or simply time passing.

Experience quality

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This is why the policies that we design are made to meet unique requirements for many industries and the professionals within those industries, giving you the protection they need against legal action from third-parties, such as clients.

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