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We hire qualified bookkeepers with a wide range of skills to ensure placement of the right employee for your needs

Nationwide Employee Database

No matter where you are, we have an employee for you

Our nationwide database of employees provides employees of all skill levels in all parts of the country. Have a specialized need? We are experts in finding highly skilled employees to ensure they are qualified for your specific need.

Hands on or hands off

You can be as involved in the hiring process as you want

Some businesses want us to find a few candidates, and then make the final decision themselves. We’ll make sure you have multiple candidates to choose from. Others prefer to let our experts make the decision for them. We are happy to make the final hiring decision, knowing that you will get a highly qualified candidate for your need.

Simplified Search

We maintain a strong database of candidates to make placing employees simple and effective

Data Entry to Accounting Manager

We can place all types of employees, regardless of skill level. If you just need a strong data entry clerk, or experienced accounting manager, trust that we can place the right employee for you.

Fast Turnaround

We place most employees within 72 hours, with many positions being filled in less than 48 hours. We pride ourselves in speed of placement with highly skilled employees.

Competitive Pricing

Our placement fees are among the lowest in the industry. Our system is simple, efficient, and focused on providing high quality candidates in a single field, which allows us to pass on savings to you.

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I’m looking for someone local to me, do you have someone in my area?

We have offices all over the country, and focus on providing services to local businesses. We understand that it is important to have a close relationship with your bookkeeper, and we like to make sure that we are available to you by phone or in person

My accounting is complicated, and I have had difficulty finding bookkeepers that can adequately meet our needs. Can you assist with a really complicated accounting situation?

We have a number of accounting professionals that can assist with even the most complicated, unique scenarios. Even if you need a CPA for a portion of your work, CPA’s are available in most areas.

I need about 20 hours of bookkeeping work performed per month. Should I hire an employee, or outsource the work to a bookkeeper?

This is a common question. Often times, an outsourced bookkeeper provides a higher level of expertise than an in house employee could provide. If your need is more than just data entry, then an outsourced bookkeeper is the best choice. If the need is mostly data entry, and you also want to have administrative work done, then a part time employee should be fine. We can assist with either scenario.

I can just hire an employee myself, why would I use you to find an employee?

We maintain a database of qualified candidates that are ready to work, so we can usually place someone faster than you can even set up an interview. We also have experience in candidate selection, and our process is rigorous to ensure that all of our candidates are qualified for the work that you need done. And our placement fees are extremely affordable, less than half the industry average.