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Whether you have 1 employee or 500 employees, trust our service to provide local, cost effective payroll services

Nationwide Coverage, Local Offices

No matter where your business is located, we have a local office for your needs

We work with many payroll companies to ensure that the one best suited to your business is the one you connect with. And a very important facet of this is ensuring that your payroll company is local, so that you can meet them face to face. There is no substitute for an in person meeting to solidify a long-term business relationship.

Personal Service

Payroll is a very important part of your business. You should expect your payroll company to know you by your name, not a number

Payroll can be a complex part of your business, and you want to ensure that you are getting people that understand the details of your complex situation, and not a new person each time payroll is processed. We ensure that you have a dedicated payroll rep for your day-to-day needs to simplify this complicated process.

Simplified Search

We work with the best payroll companies in the nation. Let us place you with the best one for your business

Complete Payroll Solution

Whether you need live checks, direct deposit, human resources, 401K programs, or workers’ comp insurance, you can expect a wide range of services to be covered to simplify your outsourced solutions.

Online Access

Online access to reporting payroll and payroll reports is always available on your schedule. It’s your data, you should have access to it when you need it.

Competitive Pricing

Our pricing is always competitive, and you can expect to save at least 30% over the nationwide providers.

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I’m looking for someone local to me, do you have someone in my area?

We have offices all over the country, and focus on providing services to local businesses. We understand that it is important to have a close relationship with your payroll company, and we like to make sure that we are available to you by phone or in person

Will I have a designated contact for my day-to-day needs?

Yes. Payroll is a sensitive and complicated function, and it is important that you have the same contact person who is familiar with your specific needs. It makes the whole process easier for both you and us.

What will this cost me?

Every scenario is different. Many companies advertise low monthly rates, but when you get into the details, you will realize that you likely don’t qualify for the advertised pricing tier. Instead, we work to understand your needs first, and then provide a pricing structure that is affordable, and in line with the services that you need.

My payroll is complicated, and I have had difficulty finding payroll companies that can adequately meet our needs. Can you assist with a really complicated payroll situation?

We have a number of payroll professionals that can assist with even the most complicated, unique scenarios. Even if you need a CPA for a portion of your work, CPA’s are available in most areas.

Should I just bring this work in house and do it myself?

Most companies outsource their payroll for two major reasons: software and expertise. Good payroll software to do the job properly is not cheap, and payroll companies have invested in quality software to do this work. And expertise is not cheap either. Payroll companies always have a high level payroll professional on staff, which is something the average business simply cannot afford to do. Outsourcing payroll is less expensive almost 100% of the time.

Why would I not just choose a large national provider? They are bigger, shouldn’t they be less expensive?

This is rarely the case. Large national providers survive on name recognition, and are typically more expensive, and do not provide personal service. You are truly a “customer number” to them, and not a business partner. Partnering with a local provider is always the better choice for cost and service.