How Our Online Bookkeeping Works

We give you a dedicated bookkeeper to do your books, and an established software to monitor your financials.


Acquiring documents

We sync up directly with every major bank to have your statements automatically put into the QuickBooks for you.


We do your Bookkeeping

Your bookkeeper will categorize all of the different expenses, pays your bills, invoices your customers, accrues revenue and expenses, will reconcile accounts, and enter all the necessary data into accounting software.


360-degree view of your business

You can use your customizable dashboard in QuickBooks portal to access reports and data both financial and non-financial to gain a complete overview of your business and finances.


Get in touch

We expect that you may have some questions when it comes to your books. This is perfectly normal, and it’s one of the reasons that we are here. All you have to do is send us a message through the QuickBooks portal or App, and we will do our best to reply within a business day.

At all packages Include:

  • Set up your company business information: Cash or Accrual basis
  • Set up your chart of accounts; Assets: Current Assets, Fixed Assets, Accounts
  • Receivables with the starting balances. Liabilities: Current, Payroll, sales tax state and local, long-term liabilities.
  • Setup any Equity Members Equity and any retained earnings outstanding.
  • Assist in your bank accounts, credit cards integrations (you sign in with your username and passwords) your dedicated bookkeeper will never have this information.
  • Transactions that come in from banking institutions your bookkeeper will enter the vendor names and code to the correct expense accounts
  • Set up any loans payable: outstanding, current or accrued
  • Set up any accounts receivables owed or accrued
  • Set up Budget: Office, Job, project with multiple vendors or expenses (if job costing)


  • Invoice or show you how to invoice: email invoice. Receive money electronically
  • Accounts Receivable: Apply payments towards invoices
  • Audit the bank statements and credit cards to prepare for bank reconciliations.
  • Prepare bank statements upon receiving statements from the client.
  • Prepare Balance sheets, Profit and Loss statements on a quarterly Once set up is complete: Review of your transactions daily: making sure that all allocations are expensed in the right accounts
  • Invoices are correctly credit to the vendor's account
  • Revise any allocations that hit the GL accounts assuring your books are Income tax ready!!!
  • Prepare all reconciliations
  • Prepare all financial report

The time is now. Let’s make bookkeeping fast and easy.

We have help thousands of small business do Bookkeeping and File Taxes. Get started today for as little as $65 a Month.