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Certified Payroll

See why thousands of companies trust us with their certified payroll.

Gain control of your certified payroll

The Most Comprehensive Solution On the Market.

While some industries might find a vast payroll company to be a great fit, there are unique challenges faced by public works payroll that require a unique approach. We can answer any questions that you might have about fringe benefits or determining wages in a matter of minutes, rather than leaving you without answers for days.

Stay Compliant

The IRS claims that 40% of small businesses pay a fine of $845, on average.

Real-Time security Defense

All account information is protected by firewalls and authentication and is backed up every day.

We’ve been a long-term provider of certified payroll services for small businesses. We’ve been around since 2004, and our staff has built a wealth of knowledge about every aspect of payroll. They know how as much about prevailing wage as they do report it.

Many clients we have to rely on us to help them classify their employees to ensure that each employee in each project receives the rates and benefits that they deserve for that individual project.

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Why struggle with payroll when you could have a whole team of experienced professionals working for you?

XML Electronic Uploads

Recognized by the DIR

All of our certified reports are uploaded to the Department of Industrial Relations electronically through XML Uploads. We are the only active payroll company that the DIR recognize to be able to do this.

That means that all of your reporting is entirely accurate on time, saving you the time you would have spent manually uploading reports through the manual interface. Trust us when we say that’s a lot of time!

The perfect complement to your business

You’ll be surprised how life-changing something so simple can be.

Talk to a payroll Expert:

As your business grows, payroll can be a time consuming and stressful endeavor yet it is incredibly important to the financial health of the business. Our goal is simply to make your business life easier by maintaining your payroll so that you can take care of business.

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